Why - Wright

Why Wedmore?

We asked Peter Wright

You are one of our well-known local speakers; what do you think makes the parish of Wedmore so special? When we lived in London one of our sons had a friend who said he never went abroad because the whole world came to Dulwich. He hadn't been to Wedmore.

What do you prefer - Somerset Cider or Cheddar Cheese? How could I possibly choose - it's like Romeo without Juliet, Lennon without McCartney, strong without stable - or the coalition of chaos. But we live in Mudgley,  home of Roger  Wilkins, Somerset's finest cider-maker. So it's thanks Roger, mine's a large one!

Which of our many Somerset tourist attractions is your favourite? Marjory Fish's garden at Lambrook. She was secretary to the Editor of the Daily Mail 100 years ago, and in 1917 went with the proprietor Lord Northcliffe to persuade the Americans to join the First World War. It worked, we won. When she retired she created one of England's finest cottage gardens. A remarkable woman.

And which in the rest of the world? The Falkland Islands. My wife lived there as a girl and after 40 years of broken promises I was finally able to take her back earlier this year. The people are charming, the wildlife fantastic - you never get bored of watching penguins - and you have the serene feeling of being just about as far from London as you could possibly go without a nice warm bath.

Which other newspaper editor do you most admire? I'm ruling out present colleagues and anyone now wielding a thick black pencil on a fluffy white cloud. So there's only one choice - Piers Morgan. Dreadful judgment, but immense charm and as a good an eye for a story as any journalist I know. Probably in his element as an ex-editor!

After the Arts Festival, what’s your next project Unsurprisingly, for a journalist - the grape harvest. We have planted a Vineyard in Mudgley with 1250 vines and this year we get to taste the first vintage and pick the second. It will be (I hope) a good quality Somerset sparkling, and next time I am asked to talk at the arts festival it will be on how Somerset is the new Champagne (global warming has to be good for someone).

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Peter will be speaking at 12 noon on Saturday 15 July in the Club Room at The Swan Wedmore. The talk will be followed by a light lunch with the speaker in The Swan

Tickets: £8 / £20 to include lunch