Why - West

Why Wedmore?

Admiral Lord West tells us

What did you know of Wedmore before getting involved with our Arts Festival? I had never heard of the Wedmore Arts Festival, indeed even Wedmore itself, before my cousin Joanne asked if I might be willing to talk at the event. She painted it in glowing terms and it also gave me an excuse to visit her new home. It will be a busy period as on the evening of the same day I am speaking at a ‘Seafarers’ event in Bristol.

What do you prefer - Somerset Cider or Cheddar Cheese?  I prefer Cheddar Cheese - indeed I love Cheddar Cheese with Sherry. I do not particularly like cider but my wife makes up for that with her love of it.

Which of our many Somerset tourist attractions is your favourite? The Fleet Air Arm Museum at Yeovilton. A fascinating place to visit for all the family and particularly interesting now our nation has the carriers Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales coming into service.

And which in the rest of the world?  Royal Greenwich with the wonderful buildings containing the Painted Hall, the Queen’s House, the National Maritime Museum, the Greenwich Observatory on the zero line of longitude and the Cutty Sark

Which naval hero do you most admire? It has to be Nelson but our nation has a legion of amazing naval leaders such as Cochrane who liberated many countries in South America, Cowan who was a famous commander in WW1 later ensuring the freedom of Estonia from the Bolsheviks and finally winning a second DSO in his seventies fighting off enemy tanks with a pistol in North Africa with the 8th Army and many more.

After Wedmore, what’s your next project? My next project, indeed it has been my ongoing project, is to stop the dangerous decline in our nation’s defence spending. Despite the rhetoric our forces, particularly the maritime are over extended and the world is more chaotic than at any time in my 52 year on the active list.

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Lord West will be speaking at 12 noon on Wednesday 12 July in the Club Room at The Swan Wedmore. The talk will be followed by a light lunch with the speaker in The Swan.

Tickets: £8 / £20 to include lunch