Why - Levellers

Why Wedmore?

The Somerset Levellers explain

What makes Wedmore special? 878 Guthrum - intellectual bunch aren't we?

What do you prefer- Cheddar Cheese or Somerset Cider? That's like asking which of your children you like the best - impossible!

Which of our many Somerset tourist attractions is your favourite? We think Cheddar is just gorgeous.

And which in the rest of the world? The Grand Canyon is a grand place

Which band do you most admire? We admire Fairport Convention - they've been going longer than us!

After the Arts Festival, what’s your next project? After the Arts Festival we are recording some of the several original tunes we have composed and arranged ourselves.

The Somerset Levellers will be leading a foot-stomping Ceilidh in the Village Hall on Saturday 15 July, starting at 8pm

Tickets:  £10