Why - Evans

Why Wedmore?

Simon Evans explains…

What did you know of Wedmore before getting involved with our Arts Festival?

Growing up, my parents used to take a week’s holiday every year in the Pack Horse Inn in Mark. Every. Single. Year. Usually in September, a week in to term time, to save few quid, back when to do so was not a capital offence. I cannot remember Wedmore in detail at present but I anticipate a flood of memories coming back to me when I see it again. My parents are still alive and likely to remember much more than me so I will be asking them for some info before I arrive!

What do you prefer - Somerset Cider or Cheddar Cheese?

Cheddar, by a distance, I have never quite ‘got’ cider, tbh, either too sweet or too sour. Cheddar on the other hand can be a virtually religious experience. Do you know the French have over 2,000 different cheeses? And not a single one of them is cheddar. This reminds me of Chesterton’s remark that when a man loses his faith in God, it’s not that he believes in nothing, it’s that he’ll believe in anything.

Which of our many Somerset tourist attractions is your favourite?

Well, I love a good cathedral and there are few greater in the world than Wells. The mechanical displays of the clock used to fascinate me as a child. I am not sure at what age I began to be able to sink into the contemplation of great Gothic architecture but I could happily sit in front of an edifice like Wells Cathedral now from sunrise to sunset. 

And which in the rest of the world?

Probably the greatest obvious tourist attraction I’ve ever seen was the Taj Mahal, which so effortlessly floated above every expectation of it that it truly felt heavenly. But after that I honestly think most of them are the great Gothic cathedrals. Rome is full of marvels, plunging one back into the past, but they don’t quite nourish the spirit the way a cathedral does, perhaps because they are all surrounded by hiking cars, instead of quiet lawns. I love the great University buildings of Oxford and Cambridge too, for much the same reason. 

Which other comedian do you most admire?

I think Bill Bailey, who has a brilliant mind, retains a youthful outlook and enthusiasm and is of course an insanely talented musician, which creates a third dimension to his shows that really binds them together. His theatrical ambition and yet lovingly crafted routines combine to create a real sense of wonder. 

After Wedmore, what’s your next project? 

It’s all leading up to the Edinburgh Festival at present which is making me very nervous I must admit. Writing and performing new material is a huge challenge. Perhaps the sight of the Wells Cathedral clock ticking will be what I need to pull my finger out!

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Simon Evans will be performing in The Village Hall at 7.30pm on Friday 14 July

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