A discussion on the writing life

Thursday 16th May, 7pm, Wedmore Hall, Wedmore, BS28 4EQ

This area of Somerset is known for its talent: local singers, musicians, artists, speakers, and actors have all performed in Wedmore to great acclaim. 

This year we welcome a group of writers who will discuss their unique skills. Our three authors live locally and will share what inspires them to write and how they keep the creative juices flowing.

Emma Craigie is a well-known writer who comes all the way from Bruton! 

Peter Hamilton is a prolific science-fiction author with a huge following and the first of a new trilogy just out. 

Phyllida Shaw shared her first book, An Artist’s War, The art and letters of Morris & Alice Meredith Williams, with a fascinated audience at the 2017 Festival. In response to readers’ questions about Alice, she has gone on to produce the first biography of this remarkable artist.